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Zuleika Henry Photography

Letter from York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Zuleika - Ian Herbert has suggested that I get in touch with you about using some images that you shot of the RSC's 1992 production of Beggar's Opera. The set and costumes were designed by Kendra Ullyart, with lighting by David Hersey, both of whom have given us permission to put the designs in the book. The book I am editing is World Scenography 1990-2005, and is the second volume of a three volume series. It is being published by the International Organisation of Scenographers, Theatre Architects and Technicians, an internatinal not for profit association of backstage theatre professionals and educators. ..........We will let you know presently which of your beautiful shots we would like to use.

-- Peter McKinnon Professor Department of Theatre York University 4700 Keele St Toronto, Ont M3J 1P3 Canada +1.416.736.2100 x22998