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Dear Zuleika Please may I use your photographs of Jon Pertwee in a short YouTube video? My video is short and sweet and simply tells the story of when I met Jon Pertwee. I would like some photographs to accompany the video. I will of course credit you. The photographs are: -- Kind regards Craig

Zuleika Henry 1 hr · Back in the mists of time, one of the projects we did on our photography course was a slide show showing the development of something from start to finish. You could choose anything so long as there was an obvious change from the 1st slide to the last. Being obsessed with the theatre I thought I'd do an actor applying his make-up. I rang Jon Pertwee who was appearing at Wimbledon Theatre as Worzel Gummidge . He was happy to oblige and when I finished I gave him a framed print, of the final image. Then a couple of years ago I found some negatives I had made from the original slide (very poor quality) and with a very low res scanner, put them on my website just for a bit of nostalgia. Two days ago I was contacted by Craig Haylett who wanted to make a video to commemorate 20 years since Jon Pertwee died about how he first met his hero and wanted to use my photos. Have a look at this about 2.52 mins certainly brought back memories and please excuse the poor quality. Don't watch it full screen, it's not too bad small! ! Well done Craig Haylett Off Topic | When I Met Worzel Gummidge (With Some Visuals) To mark the 20th Anniversary of the passing of an extraordinary actor named Jon Pertwee, I wish to commemorate his bestest character Worzel Gummidge in this ... YOUTUBE.COM